As a membership association, the NSV is required to convene all members for an annual General Assembly. The NSV organizes this general assembly every year at the ‘Dag van de Sociologie’. All NSV members are formally invited, and the documents underlying the Agenda are posted on the NSV website beforehand. On this General Assembly, president by the NSV Chair, the following Agenda is discussed:

The Treasurer presents the financial report of the year that passed, and the proposal for expenses in the year to come. Members have to approve both.

Membership Fee
The Treasurer proposes changes in the membership fee, if necessary.

Annual Report
Each year, an annual report is presented, containing the activities, events, and important decisions taken by the NSV.

Board composition
New members of the NSV board are announced, and their appointment has to be approved by the General Assembly.

Documents concerning these four issues are available, as well as the minutes of the General Assembly are, in Dutch, available on the Dutch section of the NSV website.