The Board of the NSV consists of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and representatives of all Sociology departments at Dutch universities.

In addition, the following organisations outside academia are represented: the Social Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP), the Netherlands’ Association of Civics Teachers (NVLM), and associations for policy research bureaus (KBA, VBO).

Chair Prof. Dr. Godfried Engbersen

Secretary Dr. Rie Bosman (RUG)
Treasurer Prof. Dr. Ellen Verbakel (RU)

Dr. Peteke Feijten (SCP)
Dr. Liesbet Heyse (RUG)
Dr. Hilje van der Horst (WUR)
Dr. Mariska van der Horst (VU)
Dr. Eva Jaspers (UU)
Dr. Bowen Paulle (UvA)
Dhr. Thomas Klijnstra (NVLM)
Dr. Willem de Koster (EUR)
Dr. Tim Reeskens (UvT)
Prof. Dr. Ellen Verbakel (RU)

The Board meets every two months, and its members participate in all NSV activities.