Over de NSV

The Netherlands’ Sociological Association (NSV) represents the interests of Dutch Sociology, and contributes to the promotion of the quality of sociological research and education. In addition, the NSV contributes to strengthening the labor market position of sociologists in and outside academia. Moreover, the NSV aims to improve the public dissemination of sociological knowledge by facilitating the communication of sociological research to a broader audience. The NSV is a small but active and dynamic association, with a board consisting of representatives of all university sociology departments in the Netherlands. In addition, representatives from several societal organisations are members of the board.

To achieve its goals, the NSV organizes the following activities.

In collaboration with the Flemish Sociological Organization, the NSV organizes the annual ‘Day of Sociology’. On this event, sociologists – including many PhD students – present and discuss recent research papers. Annually, about 200 sociologists from the Netherlands, Flanders and beyond actively participate at the ‘Day of Sociology‘.

In the fall of each year, the NSV organizes the so-called ‘Actualiteitencollege’, a meeting focusing on a current and relevant topic, presented from an academic as well as a societal perspective. This event is organized in collaboration with The Netherlands Institute for Social Research in The Hague, and many non-academic sociologists participate as speakers or as audience.

Sociology Magazine
NSV members receive four issues of Sociology Magazine every year. Sociology Magazine reports on societal trends and events, with dedicated attention to sociologists outside academia. Contents of Sociology Magazine are, e.g., interviews with prominent sociologists, facts and developments at the Dutch sociology departments, discussions on controversies in the social sciences, signaling of relevant publications in the societal domain, etc.

The NSV collaborates closely in the public website socialevraagstukken.nl, which comments upon the relevant developments in Dutch society intensely and timely. The website relies on a panel of prominent Dutch sociologists, who comment on interesting or urgent societal topics. The website reaches out to a more general Dutch audience, and its content is frequently discussed and used in assignments in secondary education and beyond.

Members of the NSV receive a discount on the subscription fees of four well-known Dutch sociological journals. The NVS promotes online accessibility and collaboration of these journals.

To stimulate and promote the quality of sociological research, and to draw its attention to a broader audience, the NSV awards prizes for the best PhD Thesis, the best Master- and Research Master thesis, the best scientific article, the best articles aimed at policy research, and the award for public sociology. For the latter two prizes, the NSV collaborates with respectively the Association of Policy Research Organizations, and the website socialevraagstukken.nl.

Professional post-graduate training
Many sociologist graduates are employed outside academia, in municipalities, government organisations, citizen organizations, or other profit- and non-profit organisations. To fullfil the need for extended postgraduate training, the NSV has initiated a special course for sociological professionals in the societal domain..

International contacts
De NSV represents Dutch Sociology in several internal organisations, such as the International Sociological Association and the European Sociological Association.